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Everything that you’ll find on this page has been carefully curated for you. These are some of my most special trainings, and products that I personally use and love. If there is something specific you’re looking for that you can’t find or are struggling with the shop, please pop me a mail here. I’d love to make it happen for you!

BIG news: we have for the first time ever opened up access to our content library! This means if you have your eye on our yoga class courses, webinar workshops or trainings listed below, this may be the perfect fit for you.  More info here. 

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say hi to me!

I regularly share therapy insights and notes of hope – from my heart, direct to yours. Join my mailing list below!

say hi to me!

I regularly share insights and notes of hope – from my heart, direct to yours. Join my mailing list below!

life and light shines through her

If you were to ask me why I choose to partner with Candice, why I choose her for guidance and coaching, it would be because the life and light shines through her. She is honest and filled with integrity. I have a few self-confidence issues, but Candice has helped me to break out of my shell, try new things, put myself out there and to experience a different side of life and to invest in my self.

After a Clarity workshop I did with Candice at the beginning of 2018, I signed myself up to study again, I ended up getting 9 distinctions, I received a promotion at work and was given a lot of new responsibilities, opening myself up to new career paths and opportunities. Candice in her prompting, inquisitive way, helped turn my life around and give me some direction and that is a gift I am so grateful for. Candice goes the extra mile, she is insightful and exudes confidence but at the same time her approach is person-centred and you feel safe and courageous with her on your team.

I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed and look forward to seeing where the future leads.

I have gained an amazing friend

Candice’s support has just been absolutely key in my growth. She is always there to share her wealth of knowledge and I have gained an amazing friend 

A teacher and healer

It’s always a blessing to learn something from someone who is passionate about what they teach. Cands is an incredible teacher and healer.