Online TSYTT-I 20h (trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training, level 1), cohort: 6 Oct – 10 November ’22



These training programs are and will continue to be informed by current and world-class academic research in trauma, trauma recovery and trauma-sensitive yoga. Not all trauma-sensitive yoga is created equal, and it’s improtant to study those methods proven in research and clinical trials to be effective and safe for trauma survivors. We ensure we do no harm in this way. You can read more about my background here.


It is very hard, if not impossible, to teach from a place with no lived experience. It is for this reason that these training programs have a strong component of self-reflection, and practical hours training (personal practice and teaching practice). These are training programs that will teach you immense amounts about yourself, and promote personal growth. From here you are able to start facilitating highly effective, evidence-based, trauma-sensitive yoga.


We appreciate the difficulty some students may face in travelling to training, both in terms of cost and personal care responsibilities. For this reason, our training is conducted entirely online. We have ensured the integrity of the training while ensuring it is as financially accessible to those that would like to attend. Every live theory class is recorded and will be available for veiwing for the duration of the training program. So you are able to attend around your work schedule. We also offer full and part scholarships on these training programs. Please join my mailing list at the top of this page to be notified of our upcoming scholarship opportunities.

Rooted in local context

The South African Stress and Health Study (SASH) found that the trauma exposure of the general population in present-day South Africa is approximately 78.3%. It is no surprise that South Africans are exposed to very high levels of trauma, this is higher than the global average. However there is unfortunately limited research on trauma-sensitive yoga in the South African and broader African context. We are changing that! In this training, we are sensitive to the local context of our students and their communities. We take international, world-class research and understand it through a local lens. This ensures effectiveness in our individual contexts, for our students.

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Welcome to our signature trauma-sensitive yoga teacher training, level 1! We are looking so forward to hosting you.

This is a 20-hour training, conducted entirely online. It is designed and lead by Cands, directly. It will take place from 6 October – 10 November ’22. You can find all necessary information, requirements, options for payment plans and FAQs here: You are more than welcome to contact us directly for any questions you have too, at

Once you have booked and paid, we will be in touch with a personal details form (including liability waiver). Your spot in this exciting, signature training will be confirmed once payment has cleared in our account and the personal details form has been completed. NB: all my email subscribers receive 5% off their first order, claim yours here:

See you in class soon!

Testimonials about this course:

  • “I really enjoyed Candice. Your compassion and the way you held space for us. Thank you. Much respect for all the knowledge shared and the curiosity created.”
  • “I learned so much about myself, my own trauma and other’s and I now look and approach people and myself differently.”
  • “Cands is very knowledgeable and organised, I knew what to expect every step of the journey, which is great for a planner like myself. I felt supported throughout the course.”
  • “The material was easy to understand. I received caring and gentle support and guidance when needed. I learned a lot more than I expected about trauma and how it shows up in the body.”
  • “I enjoyed the time allocation, content, and assignments. They force you to delve deeper and feel more confident with what you have learned, very supportive environment.”

By booking you agree to the following refund terms and conditions:

  • We will happily issue you with a 75% refund (via EFT) should you cancel or notify us that you will not be able to attend this training at least 60 days prior to the program start date.
  • We will happily issue you with a 50% credit note to use for any of our products and services (valid for 12 months), should you cancel or notify us that you will not be able to attend this training within 30 – 60 days of the program start date.
  • No refund or credit note is provided if you cancel within 30 days of the program start date or exit the program or do not finish the program within the allocated course dates.



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