Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was last updated on 19 January 2022.


  • Company (which may be referred to as “we”, “us” and “our” in this policy), is Candice Clark.
  • Personal data refers to an identified or identifiable individual. 
  • Services pertain to any services you engage with us on, as well as the contact you make with our communication channels (including but not limited to our website, email lists, and social media channels). 
  • Service provider is any natural person or company that may process personal data on behalf of the company. 
  • Website refers to our website
  • The client (which may be referred to as “you”) is the individual accessing our services and / or our communications. 

1) Introduction

We take the processing of personal information seriously, and align our practices to the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (also known as POPIA) in South Africa. Any personal information we receive, we keep secure and only use for the purposes for which it was collected. This policy applies to all individuals that make use of, access and / or receive Candice Clark’s services and communications. Processing of personal information applies to but is not limited to the collection, handling, transfer, sharing, correction, storage, archiving and deletion of personal information. 

Please ensure you have read through this policy thoroughly before providing us with personal information and / or making use of, accessing and / or receiving Candice Clark’s services and communications. When you provide us with your personal information you are consenting to this policy, which personal information we will process lawfully and in alignment to the POPIA act described above.

2) Type of Personal Information Collected

Candice Clark carries out its services as a counselor, yoga therapist and training provider, and will on an ongoing basis receive and process related personal information. This may be directly by the founder of the company, but can also be by the company’s staff, and /or other service providers we appoint (see section 4). 

Type of personal information collected:

  • Personal information you provide us.
  • Personal information you provide us in accessing our services. 
  • Personal information you provide us through our website and mailing lists.
  • Personal information you provide to us through support channels and communities.
  • Marketing information.
  • Payment processing information.
  • Technical, device, connection information.
  • Cookies and other tracking technology (you can read our cookies policy here).
  • Other relevant information sources.

The type of general information we collect includes race, gender, sex, employment history, physical address, age, culture etc., as well as special information that may be disclosed to us such as religious beliefs, criminal behaviour, mental health history, sex life etc.

3) Processing of Personal Information

Upon receipt of personal information the company will use and process this information for the purposes of the query, request or disclosure and for a variety of related purposes, which will all depend on the nature of the query, request or disclosure, this may include:

  • For the purposes of identifying and / or verifying the clients details.
  • For the purposes of providing requested, further and / or related information, including other products and / or services that you have requested or that we believe you may be interested in. 
  • For the purposes of information management.
  • For further information processing or general administration.
  • For legal or contractual purposes.
  • To help us improve our communications, products and / or services. 
  • To help us detect and prevent fraud and money laundering.  
  • For the purpose of research, analytical and statistical purposes.
  • For the purpose of carrying out marketing analysis and customer profiling. 
  • For the purposes of informing the client about the company’s products and services, particularly new offerings, bonuses and special offers. 

The client and company agree that consent may be withdrawn, deleted, qualified or amended upon written request from the client (please address to The company assures the client any communication shared will only be related to products and services that are similar to what the client is interested in and / or has previously bought from the company. The company will ensure that personal information is destroyed within a reasonable period after last contact with the client. The client is free to preemptively block any communication, or request that direct marketing be stopped (please address to

4) Accessing of Personal Information by Third-parties

The company may from time to time share the clients personal information with the following parties:

  • The company’s team members, which will only be done on a need-to-know basis.
  • The company’s service providers, which will only be done on a need-to-know basis.
  • Professional case supervisors, which will only be information that supports the enhancement of our professional skill set and services being provided to and / or offered to the client. 
  • The emergency contact of the client and / or law enforcement where the company has sufficient evidence that the client is a serious threat to themselves and / or others and / or the company is subpoenaed by law to do so. 

The client’s personal information may be further shared with other third parties where:

  • The company is legally obliged to provide such information for legal or regulatory purposes.
  • The company is required to do so for the purposes of existing or future legal proceedings.
  • It is necessary to do so for the pursuance or protection of the company’s legitimate interests or that of the client or third party.

5) Your Responsibility and Obligations in relation to this Privacy Policy

We may on receipt and response to your query, service being provided and / or disclosure of personal information transmit our own personal information. This may be by way of email, phone, in a video call, or via our social media channels. This personal information may only be used for the purpose relating to the request, service or query and may not be used for any other purpose. The recipient agrees that this personal information will not be used for any other purposes and will not be shared with any other party, unless we have provided express, written permission to do so. 

While we will make every effort to ensure your personal information is accurate, the client is responsible for keeping his/her personal information accurate and up to date and agrees to inform us of any changes to his/her personal information. 

The client can request access to their personal information. Any access request must be done in writing to, applicable fees for time required to process such requests will be for the client’s account.

6) Security of Personal Information

While we make all reasonable effort to keep our electronic platforms, including our website, secure, we cannot guarantee the security of the personal information provided to us. We cannot be held responsible for any loss, interception or unauthorized use of personal information. 

Our website and social media channels from time to time may provide links to websites and plugins to social media networks that are outside of our control. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy and / or security of these sites and social media networks. Please visit the data protection information provided by these sites and social media networks should you require further information on how they process personal information. 

Our cookie policy outlines how we place cookies on our website and the related processes. Social media sites also automatically collect and provide information to us.  We may at times combine the information collected via cookies and social media with other personal information you have provided to us. 

Subject to the provisions above, we have implemented security measures to protect the personal information we collect and reasonably prevent unauthorized access, accidental access, loss of data and / or destruction of data. The security measures include:

  • Password-protection on computer, mobile devices, website platform and electronic note-taking. 
  • Password-protection and two factor authentication on social media platforms, and dedicated email list platform.
  • Cloud-based hosting of email communications, mailing lists, files, website and social media platforms.
  • Cloud-based back-up of website data. 

7) Intellectual Property

All the content contained within our website, training programs and sessions including images, text, design and layout are our intellectual property, and are protected by South African and International Property Law.

8) Contact Details

You can contact us in relation to this Privacy Policy by writing to us at

9) Policy Revisions

We reserve the right to amend this policy from time to time. When the policy is amended the amended version will be published on our website and labeled as such with the date of revision. Readers are advised to visit and re-read this policy on a regular basis.