Adopt the pace of nature.

Nature isn’t hurried. Nature doesn’t compete. Nature lets healing unfurl in the way God always intended it to.

A healing journey can feel overwhelming. It’s so easy to feel that we must do #allthethings. Exploration is helpful. But so is discernment and pause. I have carefully designed events that will help you to slow down, take a deep breath and let nature do what it knows to do best, heal. 

I’m looking so forward to hosting you at one (or more ☺️) of my upcoming events.

REDEEMING HOPE BIBLE STUDY (FREE, ONLINE, join whenever you’d like to)

This is a free 4 week, online bible study for trauma survivors. It is based on my 28 day devotional, Redeeming Hope. When trauma, chaos and confusion hit our lives we can spend quite a while wondering where God is. The nature of trauma is that it catapults us so far out of our normal day to day lives, that we can feel unbelievably disoriented and out of touch with everything we once cared about, including our God.

Within our Redeeming Hope bible study, we are going to work through a carefully selected theme each week, which you will be invited to partake in through short live videos by me, journal prompts, community prayer chains, breathwork, and community sharing sessions. You are welcome to partake in as many or as little of the activities provided. This is your safe space to connect with God, and begin healing.


This is a free to attend live, 6 week online book club and yoga class course. It is based on Kelly McDaniel’s groundbreaking book, Mother Hunger, the author identifies the serious injury of lost maternal nurturance, protection and guidance. Kelly explains how not receiving these key elements of maternal love adequately, does not cause us to love our mothers less – but it can cause us how to not learn to love ourselves. 

As we grow into young children, teens and eventually adults, this hunger for maternal love does not decrease. It intensifies as we try to understand and fill the growing absence of maternal love. We may not be aware that this is missing maternal love, but we often can feel that something is missing. We may find ourselves reaching for “surrogate” mothers. Overeating, alcohol and substance abuse and drama-fuelled relationships are just some of the examples of this. 

In our 6 week book club and yoga class course, we are going to gently work our way through Kelly’s insightful and profound book, and through our yoga practice we are going to practice embodying the elements of maternal love that we may not received at all or not adequately: lost nurturance, protection and guidance. It is our hope that this program provides compassionate and nurturing support as you seek to heal mother hunger.  

Whether you identify with wanting to heal mother hunger, work with others who are struggling with this, or are just simply curious about the topic – you are more than welcome to join us.  


This is a 1.5 hour webinar workshop that is free to attend live. Attachment theory provides incredible insights into the foundations of our relationships and relationship and mental health challenges. Via our primary caregivers, we are taught in early childhood about the world, the safety (or lack thereof) of others, and whether we can rely on those we love to support us, nurture us, guide us and protect us. Importantly, this lays down neural pathways, and later on it is has a profound affect on our cognitive, emotional and social development.

It is for this reason that in counseling in an attachment-sensitive way, we are counseling most effectively. Practically, this means that we are aware of our own attachment history and needs, what our clients needs in this regards may be and how this plays out in the counseling relationship and any counseling interventions we engage in. Through attachment-sensitive counseling we can make a significant contribution to a client’s healing journey and overcoming long-term challenges. 

All counselors, mental health professionals, as well as the simply curious are welcome to join us.

LIBRARY ACCESS SUBSCRIPTION (ONLINE, join whenever you’d like to)

For the first time ever we are opening access to our content library! It is packed with all of our favourite yoga class courses, webinar workshops, e-books and mini training manuals, select bonus trainings + a whole bunch of surprise bonuses and extra gifts.

It is a monthly subscription that is designed to provide you with ongoing access to high quality educational content, that has already been proven to be an effective support to trauma survivors and those that work with trauma survivors in a professional context. It will provide you with ultimate flexibility and support as you nurture your growth within the field of trauma and trauma recovery. 

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life and light shines through her

If you were to ask me why I choose to partner with Candice, why I choose her for guidance and coaching, it would be because the life and light shines through her. She is honest and filled with integrity. I have a few self-confidence issues, but Candice has helped me to break out of my shell, try new things, put myself out there and to experience a different side of life and to invest in my self.

After a Clarity workshop I did with Candice at the beginning of 2018, I signed myself up to study again, I ended up getting 9 distinctions, I received a promotion at work and was given a lot of new responsibilities, opening myself up to new career paths and opportunities. Candice in her prompting, inquisitive way, helped turn my life around and give me some direction and that is a gift I am so grateful for. Candice goes the extra mile, she is insightful and exudes confidence but at the same time her approach is person-centred and you feel safe and courageous with her on your team.

I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed and look forward to seeing where the future leads.

Gentle and open

Cands is gentle and I always felt at ease in her classes. I loved that!!!! I never felt judged.

I have gained an amazing friend

Stumbling upon doTERRA has been life-changing for me but getting to go through this journey of self-love and unearthing a whole new passion with Candice as a mentor has been just wonderful, inspiring and so nourishing.

Her support has just been absolutely key in my growth. She is always there to share her wealth of knowledge and I have gained an amazing friend 


I love Cands’ gentle nature and approach and the way you learn to see presence and your body in a new way.

an amazing genuine soul

Candice is always ready to support you in every possible way, nothing is ever too big of an ask and she always goes out of her way to make sure you are on track with reaching your goals. Not just a great role model but an amazing genuine soul!

A teacher and healer

It’s always a blessing to learn something from someone who is passionate about what they teach. Cands is an incredible teacher and healer.