One life. Just one.

Why aren’t we running like we’re on fire towards our wildest dreams?

There’s so much on the go that it can be hard to take a step back, and carve out time for our own self-care. But I’m a firm believer that self-care isn’t selfish. It’s in fact, selfless. We can’t pour from an empty cup.

I’m looking so forward to hosting you at one (or more ☺️) of my upcoming events!

return to presence 3.0 (online, 1 March – 12 April ’21, 16:15PM sast)

This is a  8 week, 4 session, free yoga therapy for trauma, program. We use gentle yoga flows, empowering education, mindfulness, breathing techniques and community to support the integration of traumatic experience(s). It’s my hope that through this program you will experience freedom from the shackles that trauma can place on our hearts, bodies & minds.  


Join me for a donation-based (any amount you can afford) 1-hour Holy Yoga class where we will move through a gentle yoga flow and a bible study. “‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'” – Jer 29 v 11


This is a thoughtfully designed 2 hour (USD 15.00 / ZAR 150.00) gentle, yoga class. The intention of this class is to connect back into our body’s through breathing techniques, guided meditation and soft yoga postures. It is a supportive, safe space where you can explore your mind-body connection gently and at a pace that is comfortable for you. Essential oils and a selection of herbal teas will also be available. A morning of pure relaxation and peace. USD 15.00 / ZAR 150.00

say hi to me!

I regularly share learnings, life ramblings & insight into careers, entrepreneurship and healing in all its form. Join my mailing list below!

say hi to me!

I regularly share learnings, life ramblings & insight into careers, entrepreneurship and healing in all its form. Join my mailing list below!

life and light shines through her

If you were to ask me why I choose to partner with Candice, why I choose her for guidance and coaching, it would be because the life and light shines through her. She is honest and filled with integrity. I have a few self-confidence issues, but Candice has helped me to break out of my shell, try new things, put myself out there and to experience a different side of life and to invest in my self.

After a Clarity workshop I did with Candice at the beginning of 2018, I signed myself up to study again, I ended up getting 9 distinctions, I received a promotion at work and was given a lot of new responsibilities, opening myself up to new career paths and opportunities. Candice in her prompting, inquisitive way, helped turn my life around and give me some direction and that is a gift I am so grateful for. Candice goes the extra mile, she is insightful and exudes confidence but at the same time her approach is person-centred and you feel safe and courageous with her on your team.

I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed and look forward to seeing where the future leads.

I have gained an amazing friend

Stumbling upon doTERRA has been life-changing for me but getting to go through this journey of self-love and unearthing a whole new passion with Candice as a mentor has been just wonderful, inspiring and so nourishing.

Her support has just been absolutely key in my growth, not only in doTERRA but as a human. She is always there to share her wealth of knowledge and I have gained an amazing friend 

an amazing genuine soul

Absolutely love being in Candice’s doTERRA team.  She is always ready to support you in every possible way, nothing is ever too big of an ask and she always goes out of her way to make sure you are on track with reaching your goals. Not just a great role model but an amazing genuine soul!

I feel completely supported

Falling in love with doTERRA essential oils was easy but, with Candice’s knowledge and encouragement, I feel completely supported as an oil user and a biz owner. She’s taken the time to help me understand the oils, the business model and of course the ability to work within my strengths. I never feel out of my depth and I never feel like support isn’t on the other side of a whatsapp message. I absolutely love the community that has been created as well, there honestly isn’t anything quite like the Dream Builders Community. It’s a beutiful space for learning, sharing, encouraging and growing.