Sit with the broken-hearted.

And be forever changed.

Sit with the broken-hearted.

And be forever changed.

You have a passion for seeing others have their well-being restored in transformational ways. You believe that you are a vessel for healing, and that you have a gift that you’d like to share. You deeply believe in and are fascinated by the mind-body link in human beings, and how trauma can disrupt this. You have a heart for the broken-hearted. Perhaps you too are on a healing journey, and would like to learn more. 

You’re at the right place dear friend!

After many years of investment in my own training and experience, I am now pouring back into the growth of other healers. You smile

BIG news: we have for the first time ever opened up access to our content library! This means if you have your eye on our yoga class courses, webinar workshops or trainings listed below, this may be the perfect fit for you.  More info here. 

We can’t teach what we don’t know.

One of my therapy trainers said this to me, it stuck with me and continues to influence my teaching. My personal history of trauma and subsequent, debilitating chronic illness forever marked me. It was at the bottom of these pits that I found the fuel I needed to search. And search hard.

I needed answers. Not the kind I was reading in magazines and blogs. The answers that came from deep personal transformation and the wisdom of highly experienced mind-body practitioners. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would use this to not only support the healing of those on similar paths to me, but to train other healers!

Whether you are a yoga practitioner, counsellor, yoga teacher or simply curious – there is something special for you to explore with me. 

Take a look below. 


Ready to join me on a transformational training?  Here’s how:

For anyone

Supporting others that have experienced trauma (1.5 hours, online) 

Trauma Counseling for Managers and HR Professionals (2 hours, online) 

Introduction to Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (2 hours, online) 

Emotional Regulation with Yoga (2.5 hours, online) 

Foundational Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Poses (2 hours, online) 

Body Mapping Trauma (3 hours, online) 

Healing trauma through yoga: guest expert series (8 hours, online) 

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (8 weeks, online, yoga class course) 

Mental Health Yoga (8 weeks, online, yoga class course) 

Polyvagal Yoga (8 weeks, online, yoga class course) 

Post-Traumatic Growth (8 weeks, online, yoga class course) 

The Antomy of Trauma (8 weeks, online, yoga class course) 

FOR MENTAL HEALTH SPECIALISTS (coaches, counsellors, psychologists)

Attachment Theory and Yoga (2 hours, online) 

Bringing the Body Back into Counselling (2 hours, online) 

Launch your Private Counselling Practice (2 hours, online) 

Introduction to Trauma Counselling (2 hours, online) 

Online Mentorship Group: Course Creation for Counselors (level 1 and 2, online) 

Short Course in Trauma Counselling (15 hours, online) 

For yoga students and yoga teachers

Introduction to Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (2 hours, online) 

The Traumatised Brain and Yoga (2 hours, online) 

Trauma-Sensitive Breathwork and Mindfulness Training (5 hours, online) 

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training, level 1 (6 weeks, online, 20 hours) 

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training, level 2 (16 weeks, online, 50 hours) 

I have gained an amazing friend

Candice’s support has just been absolutely key in my growth. She is always there to share her wealth of knowledge and I have gained an amazing friend 

A teacher and healer

It’s always a blessing to learn something from someone who is passionate about what they teach. Cands is an incredible teacher and healer.

I have learnt so much

I learned so much about myself, my own trauma and other’s and I now look and approach people and myself differently.

A compassionate teacher

I really enjoyed Candice. Your compassion and the way you held space for us. Thank you. Much respect for all the knowledge shared and the curiosity created.

Knowledgeable and organised

Cands is very knowledgeable and organised, I knew what to expect every step of the journey, which is great for a planner like myself. I felt supported throughout the course.

say hi to me!

say hi to me!