For in Him we move, breathe and have our being.

– Acts 17v28

For in Him we move, breathe and have our being.

– Acts 17v28

If you’re new here, you may not know this. But my journey to a career in healing and mental health was paved on some very difficult journeys. I’m a survivor of multiple traumas, big personal losses and a debilitating, chronic illness.

I work from a place of deep, personal knowing. I have yearned for answers and come up empty. I’ve searched for solutions and hit multiple dead-ends. I have cried many a tear on a bathroom floor, with not much strength left.

Through my personal and subsquent academic journeys, I have come to know much about mental health, the mind-body link and the approaches and healing modalities that work.

It is an honour to now be a vessel for that healing; to support you in your journey and to celebrate with you the discovery of answers that may feel very out of reach at the moment. 


You may hear myself and others refer to the mind-body link. But this is more to make sense of the work we do, and less so because it’s accurate. Our minds and bodies are not seperate. They exist in one being, and experience all our life events in one being.

I only truly started healing from my chronic illness when I realised that I couldn’t seperate my physical treatments from the healing my heart and mind needed too.

I have now worked with many, many individuals in this capacity of mind-body practitioner and know it deep in my bones to be true. Our bodies are not seperate from our emotional history.

You will find many therapies focused on mind, and many focused on body. But what we truly need in this age of mystery illnesses, psychological trauma, and chronic diagnoses are approaches that tap into both. We need healing modalities that consider a whole-being approach. And there is much scientific research that now confirms this.

This is the craft I have spent many years refining and developing, so that we can ensure that you finally start to experience the restoration of your well-being.


Welcome to working one-on-one with me. I am looking so forward to getting to know you better.

I am a Yoga Therapist (C-HYI Therapy), licensed Counsellor (ASCHP) and Certified Holy Yoga Trauma-Sensitive Instructor (C-HYI Trauma-Sensitive).

I have a post-graduate degree in Psychology (UJ,), and I am in my final year of my Public Health Masters degree (WITS); focus on mental health. I have worked with 100+ individuals seeking emotional healing for 5+ years. 

Beyond all those fancy titles, qualifications and years of experience, what does this mean for you as a potential client?

I have a deep, personal knowing of whole-being wellness that is backed-up by world-class academic qualifications and proven experience. I am uniquely placed and experienced to support you in releasing trauma and the emotional history that may be underlying physical challenges. 

I offer both traditional counselling and yoga therapy services. Yoga therapy is a fairly niche speciality, so if you are interested in this and new to yoga and / or yoga therapy, take a read through my article here on just what it entails. It’s a beautiful journey!

All of the below can be done online via zoom or at my studio in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Counselling: Intake and Ongoing Sessions / ZAR 500.00, 1 hour 

I am a Specialist Wellness Counselor (ASCHP) which means my approach to counselling is holistic and takes a view of the mind and body being inextricably linked. While I utilize traditional counselling approaches, I also incorporate somatic counselling approaches and orient my counselling to biblical principles. I predominantly see clients that are seeking couselling for trauma, grief, life change adjustments, career change and clarity, and those seeking deeper life purpose.

Prior to your first counselling session (intake session), you will receive an intake questionnaire to complete that provides me with a thorough understanding of your history, and what concerns have brought you to seeking counselling.

In the intake session we will work through your questionnaire, what has brought you to counselling and we will form the way forward.

Should you be in need of pro bono (free) trauma counselling, please join my waitlist here.

Yoga Therapy: Intake Session / ZAR 750.00, 1.5 hours 

Prior to the intake session, you will receive a questionnaire to complete that provides me with a thorough understanding of your health history, and what concerns have brought you to seeking yoga therapy.

In the intake session we will work through your intake questionnaire, a body alignment assessment and an initial gentle yoga flow tailored to you and the therapeutic goals in mind for your yoga therapy sessions.

Yoga Therapy: Ongoing Sessions / ZAR 700.00, 1 hour 

These can be paid for on as-needed basis. In these sessions we will work together, towards your therapeutic goals. Beforehand, I will ask you for an update on the homework you had – where you struggled and what insights you uncovered. This provides me with valuable information to prepare our session together, and get you closer to the therapeutic goals we have set

Yoga Therapy: Packaged Sessions / ZAR 3 250.00

If you are new to me and / or yoga, this is a great place to start! Not only do you get your 5 sessions discounted, we will have enough committed time together to work through your challenges and the therapeutic goals you would like to achieve. The packaged sessions consist of 1 x 1.5 hour Intake Session, and 4 x 1 hour Ongoing Sessions. 

You are so welcome to join me at any of my pop up events and workshops (including online) that I host every now and again! Book here:

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