“I keep my promises, Cands.”

by | Sep 25, 2020 | 0 comments

“When all I had to offer was my worst, you saw my heavy heart and loved me first. Your beauty staring down my brokenness, You chose to throw Your heart into the mess! Compassion crashing down upon my debt – You were there. All this time, ✨✨✨ like a river running through my failure ✨✨✨ You carried me all this time. Like the splinters buried in Your shoulders – You carry me now.”

– Splinters and Stones, Hillsong.

I have so often been on my knees. Exhausted. Praying for any kind of peace I could get. Through heart aches. Through losses that felt like I couldn’t breathe. Through a chronic illness diagnosis that I thought was the end of life as I knew it. Through career changes and business decisions that have left me shaking. Through a hijacking & car accident that I shouldn’t have survived. Through health tests and scans that western medicine was sure would come back with terminal diagnoses.

Through confusion & years that made zero sense. In the waiting for answers that I felt would crumble me. But every single time I’ve prayed for peace – HE HAS BEEN THERE. With every single request where my heart was breaking – God drew close to me & whispered – “I keep my promises, Cands.” 🙌🏻🧡

And His peace as He promised – has ENGULFED me. Every. Single. Time. We live in this world. Hurt, confusion – it happens. But He has declared He will NEVER leave nor forsake us. What a faithful, faithful God we serve. Look for Him. Ask for Him. He’s there.

#jesusisaliveandwell 🧡🧡🧡

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