New healing

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I’m not going to lie, the new year dawning on me brought on some uncomfortable anxiety. Last year was a good year. And it was pretty full-on. The kind of year where you are trying a gazillion things, learning every day, and trying to fail fast. It paid off, but I was tired, and weary, as the new year approached.
I kept having this craving to move to a small town over the holidays.

Bizarre. Now I don’t actually want to move to a small coastal town (lol!), but it made me curious about WHY. What actually was I craving? And so began the unpacking… I dove down a few rabbit holes while journaling and realised there were a few big changes I needed to make.


While I am mostly good with keeping up to date with my mails, social media, etc – the amount of contact I was engaging in was causing me to multi-task like a lunatic, and I was drained by being always “on call”. I can’t be the only one?! No one’s fault but my own. I’ve relooked at my relationship with my phone, social media, & where my focus goes during the day & I’ve implemented some NB changes. I’m feeling lighter, and like I’ve gone into the year with boundaries I intend to keep. 1 week on – it’s going well! 😉

A new kind of movement 💥

I invested in a beautiful Garmin watch! Which is brutally honest at how much I move. Eeek. Working from home means my bathroom & coffee stop are within 10 steps. Also the kind of yoga I do is very restorative, not cardio focused. So it’s been an important reminder of how much more I need to move – ie: much more 😅. So I’m doing that! I’ve invested in a program with a running coach, and signed up for my first trail run – the Ox Pecker! EEEK.


Linked to the above… I am over – very over – being constantly glued to screens. I need more trees, more plants, more fresh air, more presence…  I’ve decided to leave my phone at home more, spend more time in my own own garden (can’t believe how little I do!) and when I do move – to try my best to do it outdoors. The pups & I are currently investigating some new, beautiful parks in JHB North, and I’m loving every second! 🐶 🌳

A promise on my heart

I need more time to work within my ministry of healing. And so I’ve very intentionally taken the brave step to open up a donation-based, online, Holy Yoga class! For someone that has had to be super strict about time she works, and what she pours out, this has taken lots of prayer. And I know it’s where Jesus is calling me to. So – onwards! His Grace is sufficient for the work He’s called me to do. 

I hope this has inspired your own healing journey. I know a lot of this may not be new – it certainly isn’t to me. But taking practical action steps, and really absorbing the glow that comes from one’s own healing journey is just too marvelous for words. Simplicity really is the new healthyJOMO is the new FOMO. 
I hope 2020 is a year of healing, and growth in all the most nourishing ways for you too!

Cands xo

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