hi, i’m cands!

Can you tell that I’ve always wanted to write a book? I’ve been lucky enough to live one helluva life! Thank you Jesus!

My life has not been easy. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up in a wonderful family and I’ve had some incredible opportunities but there has been a lot that’s rested on me. A lot that’s tested my commitment to my dreams.

I from early on took responsibility for the direction my life was going to take. I saw many going down roads I did not want to go down. I was inspired by ambitious women, and women who WENT AFTER what they wanted.

So off I went to University. I paid for my all 3 of my studying stints while working. I pushed myself hard to get a solid foundation early. I was promoted quickly in my corporate life. But was not entirely ready for where my ambition was taking me – far too quickly.

I fell from grace quickly, and suffered from a fairly serious case of burn out.

This for me was a massive turning point in my life. It’s where I realized, I was growing yes, but I needed to make use of more mindful approaches in my decision making and the life I was creating for myself.

Very soon after that I started a corporate HR business, that I am so incredibly proud of. And more recently I’ve grown a wellness business centered on the transformative benefits of yoga and the most magical bottles of gold (essential oils!). doTERRA has provided me with the most unique opportunity to support other inspired women to create the businesses and lives of their dreams. And I’m so excited to do this for you!

I’m in one of the happiest spaces I’ve been in, in my life. Emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

And I’m ready, so ready, to support you in bringing your dreams to life!